Think of us as the navigators in the apartment investing jungle.

We go through the jungle...find a jewel...and offer it to you, 

This way you can spend your time doing the things you love.

All you have to do is decide which gem you like!



People often feel that real estate is frustrating because it’s not as easy as purchasing a stock.


Our team's mission is to make passive investing in real estate easy, with no hidden fees.

As a third party, we find syndicators (people who get real estate deals under contract) and evaluate the syndicator's financials, along with the market the real estate is located in.

If the investment they offer passes our rigorous criteria, then we create a simple deal packet & informational video for our investors to review. 


Pharmacist. Naval Officer. Husband. Father. 

Chief Executive Officer of GAIN. Financial & Market Analyzer.

Jesse Daconta


Chemist. Teacher.

Wife. Mother. 

Investor Relations of GAIN. Visionary, Planner, & Deal Packet Designer.

Lisa Daconta


When we lived in Arizona, we volunteered weekly for an organization called Feed My Starving Children (FMSC). We would show up (armed with our team of family and friends), receive about 20 minutes of "safe food handling" instruction, and then off we went to save 1,000’s of starving children around the world.


When the military moved us to Virginia, we wanted to continue our passion for feeding children.

Unfortunately, every volunteer organization we looked in to required numerous steps in order to serve others---which was a huge discouraging factor for us---after all, who has the time to spend on mounds of paperwork just to be able to volunteer? FMSC provided the opportunity to hundreds of families, friends, and coworkers in Arizona to volunteer hassle-free and make a difference in the world. 


Therefore, our objective is to fund a FMSC food packaging warehouse in every state so that people can volunteer hassle free and so that billions of children can go to sleep at night with full bellies

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2-2-15 (1).jpg

Over 500 boxes packed = over 1,100 children fed for an entire year!